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How has COVID-19 Impacted our Economy?

ImpactECON dynamic supply chain model was used to examine impact of COVID on the US economy. The research involved examining various aspects of the pandemic including business closures, avoidance behavior, health care, fiscal stimulus and pent-up demand. An interview with News Medical can be seen online.

Modelling NTMs

A paper outlining a new method for modelling NTMs has just been published in the Journal of Global Economic Analysis. The paper is authored by Terrie Walmsley and Anna Strutt and is now available online.


Initial research on the world-wide mandatory closures due to COVID-19 shows significant economic loses in U.S. unemployment. This new research is the first of a series of papers to look at the economic costs of the pandemic and projected recovery.

Walmsley, Terrie and Rose, Adam and Wei, Dan, 2021. “The Impacts of the Coronavirus on the Economy of the United States”, Economics of Disasters and Climate Change 5, 1-52 (available at:

Walmsley, Terrie and Rose, Adam and Wei, Dan, 2020. “Impacts on the U.S. Macroeconomy of Mandatory Business Closures in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic”, Applied Economics Letters (

Susan Stone, OECD, France

Susan Stone (OECD) describes ImpactECON as a “first-rate, professional organisation that delivers high-quality analysis in a timely, accessible manner. The work done for the OECD met our requirements and exceeded expectations, providing pivotal input to support a broader modelling effort. I will be recommending ImpactECON to others in need of similar expertise.”
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