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Working Paper 002: MyGTAP Model

By Terrie Walmsley and Peter Minor
Publishing Year: 2013


The standard GTAP model and database are organized around a single regional household, comprising both private households and government. The objective of the MyGTAP framework is to facilitate detailed analysis of multiple households and government, by separately identifying their income, expenditure and savings. The framework is especially useful when one is concerned with examining the distribution of policy impacts across differing households.

This working paper is the second of two papers that documents the MyGTAP framework. The paper documents the MyGTAP extension of the GTAP model (Hertel, 1997). The MyGTAP model was developed with the following aims: a) to give the user more flexibility in the treatment of government savings and spending; b) to examine the impact of policy on inter-regional transfers, such as remittances and foreign capital incomes, and hence on gross national income as well as gross domestic product; and c) to allow the user to model the impact of a policy on different households and factors within an economy/ies of interest for which they have additional data.

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ImpactECON Working Paper 002: MyGTAP Model


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