Supply Chains

Global Supply Chains

The ImpactECON Global Supply Chain package is a set of data and programs that allow the user to convert the GTAP 9.0a-2011 Data Base into a global supply chain database for CGE modeling. The package was developed as a means of improving analysis of the impact of trade and environmental policies on the global economy, trade, production and employment. In the following set of videos we demonstrate some of the features of the ImpactECON supply chain database and how it can improve economic analysis.

The videos contain background information on the supply chain model and database, as well as some examples. In one example a simple trade liberalization shock is implemented on automobiles exported from Japan to Germany using both the GTAP model and the ImpactECON global supply chain model and the results compared. The analysis shows some surprising differences between the two models, and in particular the impact of the trade liberalization on Germany’s domestic production of motor vehicles.

The RunGTAP applications for the GTAP and IESC Models used in the videos are available for download:

To load these applications into RunGTAP select File | Version archive | upload zip.

Further information on the ImpactECON supply Chain Package is available and those interested in purchasing the ImpactECON Supply Chain Model and Database are referred to the ImpactECON store.

Other Documentation
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