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Susan Stone, OECD, France

Susan Stone (OECD) describes ImpactECON as a “first-rate, professional organisation that delivers high-quality analysis in a timely, accessible manner. The work done for the OECD met our requirements and exceeded expectations, providing pivotal input to support a broader modelling effort. I will be recommending ImpactECON to others in need of similar expertise.”

ImpactECON was involved in incorporating a number of new features into the OECD’s METRO model, including:

• the addition of five labour categories and the numbers of workers by activity, labor type and region;
• demand and supply of migrant labor and foreign remittances flows between home and host region; and
• recursive dynamics.

The inclusion of this additional detail allows for enhanced analysis of global and domestic policies on the labour force, wages and employment; as well as policies targeted at liberalizing or restricting the movement of labour and remittances across country borders. The addition of recursive dynamics allows for analysis of the evolution of the global economy, and its response to shocks, over time.