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The ImpactECON Global Supply Chain Package

ImpactECON announces its new Global Supply Chain database and model, along with new labor quantities and updates to the MyGTAP modelling framework. The new products can be used with the GTAP 9a Data Base and can be purchased through the ImpactECON store. The products include:

1. The ImpactECON Global Supply Chain Model and Database: this program converts your GTAP 9a Data Base into a supply chain database with imports differentiated by intermediate, investment and final demand, commodity, source and destination. Tariff rates also differ depending on these agents, intermediate, investment and final demand.

2. Labor Data: this is a dataset containing the quantities of labor by the 5 GTAP occupations, sectors and regions. The quantities are consistent with the GTAP 9a database’s market values of labor by occupation, sector and region.

3. The MyGTAP Multiple Household Framework: this is an updated version of the MyGTAP datatool and RunGTAP application that allows users to add multiple households and additional factors into a specific country in the GTAP database, thereby allowing more detailed analysis of households impacts on their country of interest.

4. The MyGTAP Single Household Framework: this is a new MyGTAP program that converts a GTAP RunGTAP application into a MyGTAP RunGTAP application with foreign income flows and the regional household removed. The ‘regional household’ is replaced with a single private household and a separate government.