The ImpactECON MyGTAP Multiple Household Framework

The ImpactECON MyGTAP Multiple Household framework is a set of data and model programs that allow the user to add multiple households and additional factors into the GTAP 10a Data Base and model. For experienced GTAP modelers, this means a user can replace the ‘regional’ household in one country with multiple households, while maintaining the global representations of trade and consumption.

Why would you want to use the MyGTAP framework?

Emerging economic questions increasingly focus on the distributional impacts of policies on households, labor and governments. The MyGTAP tools allows the user to disaggregate the single private household of a country or region into multiple households and link these households to their sources of income. MyGTAP allows the user to take account of the fact that these different households purchase different goods and services, and save at different rates.

MyGTAP also improves the representation of government by linking government income and expenditures to government savings and deficits in each country. Greater detail on other sources of government revenue and expenditure are also specified, including transfers to and from private households, and foreign aid. This allows users to examine the impact of fixing the government deficit or to change transfers and aid flows as part of their analysis.

The MyGTAP model also includes foreign income flows such as capital income and remittances for all countries. The inclusion of these foreign income flows improves analysis of gross national income (GNI) and hence welfare; and allows the user to examine the impact of changes in remittances or other foreign flows on an economy.

These features provide the user unparalleled and flexible capabilities to undertake analysis of income distribution, poverty, government sustainability and foreign income. Further details on the MyGTAP model can be obtained from the MyGTAP website.

The MyGTAP Multiple Household Framework includes:

MyGTAP Multiple Household data tool: this is a set of data and programs that allow you to include multiple households and additional factors into the GTAP Data Base for one special region. If you are interested in doing this for multiple regions, please contact us.

MyGTAP Multiple Household Model and RunGTAP application: a program containing the MyGTAP model and auxillary files that can be combined with your MyGTAP database into a RunGTAP application.